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UPDATE!! 3/16/13: A slightly newer cut was created. Gone are the lost sound effects for the thrown punches and hits. To view that version click https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3GD3_vj4WayNUxwd0tXeTZWNGM/edit?usp=sharing Can't wait to share our next project with everyone. We're trying to get some BTS stuff up, but with limited crew members, it may not happen.UPDATE!! 10/23/12: www.screenrant.com calls it "The Dark Knight of Power Rangers films!"http://screenrant.com/red-rising-honest-trailers-prometheus-angry-birds-star-wars-avengers-pugs/UPDATE!! 9/12/12: Head on over to the link below for an interview with me. Lots of details on how it was filmed, what we were intending on doing, and where we plan on going with this! http://www.primaryignition.com/2012/09/11/interview-shawn-shaman-director-of-power-rangers-fan-film-red-rising/DISCLAIMER: WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATION WITH ANYONE AT DISNEY OR SABAN. WE DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN THE RIGHTS TO MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, AND THIS IS 100% NON-PROFIT. Just a fan film, made for fun. Enjoy.Synopsis: It's been 5 years since the last alien invasion, the Rangers have since split up and now live normal lives... Up until today. They each received a familiar call about unidentified beings set to strike earth in less then 48 hours. While Jason, The Red Ranger, is on his way to the HQ, he discovers a few street thugs up to no good. He decides to get warmed up after his 5 year hiatus... however, nothing could prepare him for what's heading his way._________No Spandex, no tights. We wanted to create a fresh take on the Rangers universe, with a modernized look and feel. The audience that grew up watching MMPR are now watching films like The Avengers, Iron Man, Batman Begins, Dark Knight... While those films come from very different extremes (some comic films light, and others dark), we tried to find a middle ground between them. For an example, we weren't going to kill any kids in this. How could we ground MMPR with all their larger then life characters without making it dull? All the above in mind, we put together something that could with the very LIMITED resources we have. If you guys enjoyed this, which ranger would you like to see next? Comment below, and don't forget to subscribe!Check out behind the scenes pics at:Http://www.PlanetariumPictures.comFollow the film makers on twitter:@ShawnShaman@CarlosShaboExecutive Producer - Carlos ShaboProducers - Carlos Shabo and Shawn ShamanFirst AD - Michael BennettMake Up - Kristin Ashley RogersBehind The Scenes Photographer - Lena AbboSwiss Army Knife of the Set - Jason SalmoStunt Rider - Segi AnweyaStarring -Kelsey Bashi (Jason/Red Ranger)Revon Gorges (the worst dressed thug, in blue)Jason Salmo (last thug who gets punched in the face!)Martino Gabrail (the smack talker of the group)Kristin Ashley Rogers (the damsel in distress)Special Thanks to Segi for letting us use the baddest bike in town!

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:03:51
Автор: ShamanEntertainment
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